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Founded in 2007, Cedars has been specializing in providing electric vehicle charging products and is committed to being your reliable supplier. At present, we have offices in mainland China and the United States, with customers from more than 60 countries. We provide one-stop solutions for EV Charger stations and related accessories. Implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system, Cedars can help you win the market share with good product quality and competitive price.

Cedars pursues a corporate culture of honesty and integrity, and continuously creates value for customers, to achieve the sustainable development of "Win-Win-Win" business.

CEDARS Offices

Our bi-continental office locations uniquely position us to build an extensive global network.


Our office in Texas


Our office in Nanchang

Production Line

Production Line (1)
Production Line (2)

AC Production Line

Production Line (3)

DC Production Line


You can enter “CN13/30693” to check the effectiveness in SGS website

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Cedars Team

Our entire team of bilingual experts has backgrounds in development, purchasing, QC, fulfillment, and operation.
Our continuous training program ensures an annual average of over 45 training hours per person.


Clark Cheng



Anna Gong

Sales Director


Leon Zhou

Sales Manager


Sharon Liu

Sales Manager


Davie Zheng

VP of Product


Muhua Lei

Product Manager


Deming Cheng

Quality Inspector


Xinping Zhang

Quality Inspector


Donald Zhang



Simon Xiao

Fulfillment Manager


Susanna Zhang



Yulan Tu

Financial Manager

Our Culture

All team members take oath each year for integrity; “Good Neighbor” Plan to support our community


Code of Conduct

CEDARS was founded with the intention of forming a successful business that operates with integrity, transparency, and a high standard of conduct.

Relationship with Suppliers and Customers
CEDARS vows to deal fairly and honestly with all customers and suppliers. We will conduct our business relationships with respect and integrity. CEDARS will work diligently to honor all contracts and agreements made with clients and suppliers.

Employee Business Conduct
We hold our employees to a high standard of conduct. We expect CEDARS employees to perform with the highest level of professionalism.

Fair Competition
CEDARS believes in and honors free and fair business competition. We strive to uphold our ethical and legal obligations while maintaining our competitive edge.

We take business ethics and the law seriously. Our professional staff is dedicated to upholding the standards of business we have set forth. We strictly adhere to all provisions of business ethics.